In your own words, please explain your reason for seeking chiropractic care, and any initial complaints. What advice would you give to a friend, co-worker or loved one who was considering taking a step toward better health through chiropractic? And finally, how has chiropractic made a difference in your life? Thank you for sharing.

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For almost ten years, I had suffered off and on from lower back pain.  It had gotten to the point that it was affecting my sleep at night and my job as a hardwood flooring installer.
I had tried muscle relaxers and vibrating massagers, but they only provided temporary relief.
After seeing Dr. Allen and Dr. Krista, I feel great!  I can move better and I am sleeping much better.  I would recommend Dr. Allen and Dr. Krista to everyone that wants to feel better and move more easily.
-Tom Suiter    Waterford, MI

I used to suffer with severe disabling migraine headaches that I was having daily.  My medical doctor prescribed Verapamil and Zoloft which didn't help me.  I had many tests done including a MRI, all of which didn't find the cause of my headaches.
Since my treatment with Dr. Allen and Dr. Krista, my headaches have drastically reduced in severity and frequency.  I have many more days without headaches than ever before.
As an extra added benefit the carpal tunnel syndrome and hip pain that I have had for years is virtually gone.  I can now use normal skinny pens without arm or wrist pain.
I would definitely recommend Seiter Family Chiropractic.  The office is very friendly and they are definitely here to help improve your health!
-Lynne Krogsrud  Davisburg, MI

For over ten years I had suffered from fibromyalgia and constant pain all over my body.  It was affecting my sleep and it had gotten so bad that I couldn't work.
I had been to my family doctor, pain management specialists, and other chiropractors with very little relief.  I had spinal injections, a MRI and a CT scan, and various pain medications but my condition only got worse.
I can't say enough about my care here at Seiter Family Chiropractic.  My state of mind has improved because I know that my life can go back to being normal and pain free.  I am now able to work again - something I didn't think I would ever be able to do again!
-Deborah Howard   Waterford, MI

I was suffering from headaches three to four times a week for several months.
I would take ibuprofen which would help temporarily, but the headaches would always come back.
My husband was seeing Dr. Allen and Dr. Krista for a lower back problem with good results so I decided to see if they could help me too.
After seeing Dr. Allen and Dr. Krista, I have much fewer headaches and in general I feel better about my health.  The doctors and staff are very friendly and caring.  I would highly recommend Dr. Allen and Dr. Krista to my family and friends.
-Deborah Beardsley   Waterford, MI

I was in a car accident about seven years ago.  Since that time, I have suffered from a very painful upper back.
Nothing I had tried in the past seemed to work.  Pain relievers and icy hot would dull the pain somewhat, but it never completely went away.
After less than a month of care I am feeling better than I have in years.  I like that the doctors explain everything and are very thorough.  As an unexpected benefit, the chronic pneumonia I have had for the past five months is gone!  I am glad that I came in and have recommended Dr. Krista and Dr. Allen to many people.
-Melissa Wilder    Clarkston, MI

For about two years I suffered with severe knee pain.  I was ready for replacement of both knees.  The pain was unbearable.
Traditional medical care consisted of cortisone shots and pain relievers which were just a temporary fix.
Since I have been under care at Seiter Family Chiropractic I am pretty much pain free.  I haven't had a cortisone shot in almost two years! 
The staff and doctors here are great; they truely care about you. One thing I tell everyone is that I wouldn't drive 40 miles to see the doctors if it didn't work - so go see them, they will help you!
-Patrick Brown   Farmington Hills, MI

Prior to seeing Dr. Allen and Dr. Krista, I had suffered for over ten years with constant pain and discomfort in my neck.
In 1991, I had neck surgery in which a disc was removed from my neck.  Unfortunately, it did not work - as I am told many do not.  I had thought about seeing a chiropractor but was scared and so I just lived with the pain until it got to where it was unbearable.
Since my treatment with Dr. Allen and Dr. Krista, I no longer have the ligering pain and discomfort in my neck.  I can actually move freely with no problems.  The doctors made me feel at ease, and that I could trust them to give me the treatments and relief of pain I needed.  I truly believe that chiropractic care is a natural cure for many ailments!
-Patti Hallendy    Holly, MI

For over six years I had suffered from chronic constipation, back and neck pain.  It had gotten to the point that I was in constant pain and unable to sit for longer than fifteen minutes at a time.
I had been to at least eight different specialists, physical therapy, pain management, even a psychologist!  I had been on all sorts of different medications, had neck surgery, one foot of my bowel removed - nothing helped.
My results with Seiter Family Chiropractic have been fantastic!  I am seventy-five percent pain free.  My constipation has been much better and I actually went to the movies for the first time in six years and was able to sit without severe pain!  Thank-you for giving me my life back!
-Karen Miner    Waterford, MI

Since about 1997, I have had the symptoms of MS which has thrown my balance off.  My legs would give out and I felt dizzy when I would walk.  I also was having a problem when I would play the drums.
I went to see a neurologist, taken different medications and also some natural remedies.
With my treatments at Seiter Family Chiropractic, I can walk better, have no pain, and my back is much looser.
I like that Dr. Allen and Dr. Krista know me as a person and show me personal attention.  Everyone here treats me very well, as well as the rest of my family.  I like that the wait is never that long and also I can be seen if there is an emergency.
-Jim Hamblin   Waterford, MI